“Kohaku Story”

The name “KOHAKU” means amber and like an amber gem shining mysterious with plant inclusions, fresh ingredients are dipped in the golden batter and fried to an amber perfection to satisfy our customers’ palates. Living up to its name, the KOHAKU TENDON is a hearty bowl topped with crispy beautiful tempura. Tendon Kokaku is a collaboration project between two giant Japanese food corporations – Nadai Fujisoba (the largest soba chain in Japan) and Kings Know Group who owns a variety of restaurant brand in Japan including Tendon, pizzeria, pasta café, Japanese Izakaya, lemonade shop, etc. TENDON is popular among various generations in Japan. It has recently been gaining popularity around the world. However, the number of stores serving TENDON is not enough when taking the global popularity into account. That is where we see our possibilities. With the world in its view, “KOHAKU” aimed for Asia and opened its first branch in Singapore. This is because opening in a multiethnic country like Singapore, it would be easy to collect data required to extend out to the rest of the world. As expected, locals have different opinions about our food, and we are able to collect valuable data. We will continue our research and use that information to promote Japanese TENDON culture to the world. Kohaku now has locations in Tokyo, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and Canada!
Tendon Kohaku


Kohaku uses an unique blend of vegetable and sesame Oil for the best aroma and Kohaku Group utilizes newly developed state-of-the-art technology “Water-Fryer” to slow down the oil oxidization keeping original blended oil fresh like new, serving food with less oil and extra crunchiness at all time


Kohaku Group studied and experiemented Rice in Japan and selected ” Hokkaido Nanatsuboshi” & “Hitomebore” Japanese rice for our tendon as they are soft and fluffy when cooked, and has an excellent balance of viscoisty and sweetness! It remains delicious even served cold!


Batter plays a decisive role in making perfect tempura. Kohaku batter is an original blend of several kinds of Japanese flour making our tempera a delectable texture


Kohaku has two Secret Sauce (original and spicy)Both sauce are being slow-boiled with over 15 secret ingredients for over 12 hours in order to bring out the different layers of umami flavour

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